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The essence of the given name Uhani stands for ambition, independence, strength, reliability, determination and professionalism.

Born in Anaheim Ca. on January 23rd 1991. I was raised in Orange County Ca. 


Musical influences and favorite artist. Music genre.


Mary j Blidge 


Erykah Badu 

Faith Evans 

Lauryn Hill 

Old school Alicia Keys 


Keyshia Cole


I tend to like artist who I consider to be the activists of music for women. Women that spoke up in a way that was classy but also spoke out on issues to where instead of being quiet, as women they spoke out passionately yet classy  while changing the game for women. I grew up listening to a lot of old fashioned and old school artists as well as Motown music. Billie Holiday, Marvin Gaye, Louis Armstrong, etc..


In general what you like and don't like?


I don’t like music that degrades women. 

I steer away from music that doesn’t heal and that is repeatedly hateful. I love dancehall, RnB, and old school music. And grew up loving Motown and 70s soul music as well as old fashion artists Lena Horn, Aretha Franklin, that set the bar for music in my opinion. 


Sports: I run  Track 


I have been running and winning  since middle school. I run the 100m, 200m, and 4x1 relay at the JC level. I currently have interest from a few Universities.


Music goals:

My goals in music is to heal and to voice things I’m sure many people feel and with that I feel as if I’m healing my own pain. Music is something that runs through my veins and allows me to breathe, to be able to reach to others and maybe voice some of the things people may not be able to put into words is why I fell in love with music. I think when music is done the right way it’s something really deep and beautiful and why we prevent as much hate.

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What I  envision  with my  music is to be able to paint sonic pictures that will  speak to real life situations.  The good, the bad,  the happy, the sad, but most important the real. I want people to listen, move and  reminisce.  I want to create music that travels through time  but never expires. 


I invite you to join me on this journey  and along the way let me know how I'm doing. 


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